About Us

Q: Wat is PixelPub?
A: An awesome gaming community!

Q: Wat sort of "gaming" does your community take part in?
A: All sorts of games! Videogames, card games, board games, mobile games!

Q: How do you spell what?
A: Wat?

Q: Ok Ok, I get it, PixelPub is a gaming community, but what games do you currently play?
A: That is a great question! Here is a general list of games our community participates in.

Current Games (as of 2018):

- Destiny 2
- ARK: Survival Evolved (Community Server)
- Minecraft (Community Server)
- Rocket League
- Guild Wars 2
- MapleStory 2
- Warframe
- Fallout 76

Games incoming to PixelPub:

- Borderlands 3
- The Division 2
- Anthem

If your game is not mentioned, start the fire in our community for your game!
It may show up on the list one day!

Q: This all sounds awesome! How do I become part of this community?
A: Join our Discord Server and game with us!
Visit our media sites (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), we would love to hear from you!

Q: Is it "PixelPub" or "Pixel Pub"?
A: Yes