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PixelPub Ark: Survival Evolved PC/PvE Server!

Posted on June 10th, 2018 in PixelPub News, PixelPub Community, Ark: Survival Evolved by Bloodrave120

PixelPub, a large gaming community is proud to host a PvE Ark Server for the community. Make friends, build your base, and fight bosses. PixelPub servers are committed to having a great experience, as a community. Since the server is PvE, the gameplay focuses on community building, exploring dungeons, and killing the bosses!. Enjoy the scenery, taming dinosaurs and building awesome forts with your tribe mates, or go it solo and see if you can survive the harsh landscapes on your own! We welcome all PvE play styles.


PixelPub Ark Server Information

Posted on May 18th, 2018 in Ark: Survival Evolved, PixelPub Community by Bloodrave120

PixelPub ARK

Season Of The Dodo

The PXP team is please to bring the community a brand new way to experience our ARK servers! Beginning in September we will be bringing a 4 month rotating event calendar to you. This event will encompass a core set of events, as well as other random changes. Each Season will be a time to try something new, from dino taming to mods, community events, and EVEN PVP battles!

Core Changes that will take effect at the beginning of EVERY Season.

- ALL servers will be wiped every season -

- Maps and Mods will be changed across ALL servers for every wipe -