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PixelPub Garrys Mod Rules

Posted on July 31st, 2018 in Garry's Mod by Adam

Rules for Pixel Pub TTT

Important Rules:

· Do not Rdm (Random death match) under ANY circumstances. Rdm is killing a player without valid evidence. Rdm also includes killing a Traitor while you are also a Traitor.
· Do not mic or chat spam. You will be warned by a staff member to stop spamming and if you continue it will result in a gag/mute. This includes spamming admin chat.
· Do not KOS off of player model, hat, or trail. Doing so will be considered Rdm and can result in auto slays. This is because multiple players could have identical models & models can be switched at any time so this is not viable proof to administer a KOS.
· Do not false KOS. Doing so can result in a KOS being called on the person who called the false KOS. This can also result in autoslays. This also includes calling KOS on an innocent as a Traitor.
· Do not harass players. Doing so ruins the fun for everyone and can result in a ban from the server.
· Prop killing is allowed, however doing so is instantly KOSable.
· Prop surfing is allowed, because prop surfing is not game breaking it is allowed. It can make for a good hiding spot and an innocent and can easily be thwarted by the use of c4.
· Do not Traitor bait, this includes shooting near or putting another player in danger on purpose (as an innocent). Doing so can result in a KOS (depending on the lenience of the victim).
· Do not create false reports, doing so wastes our staff’s time and is a slayable offense. Ex. Gumjaws reports Faq with reason “Unmute me now”.
· Claiming an area is allowed only in overtime, if you claim an area you must say so in chat to make it obvious. Ex. “I claim the boathouse by the water, if you come in I will kill you”.
· Committing a traitorous act is KOSable, this depends on the lenience of the witness.
· Do not Ghost, doing so will result in 1 warning, after which those accused will be banned for up to a week.
· Do not KOS off of a player’s location, as there could be multiple players in one location this is not a viable reason to call a KOS. Ex. “KOS the guy underground”.
· Have fun! We are here to have a good time so please report any issues to an admin or post in the appropriate forum section on our website.
· Do not use hacks or glitches of any kind, otherwise anticheat will find you and we won’t be seeing you again.
· Please do not ask for staff ranks, if you would like to become a staff member go to our website and apply under the Staff Application section.

Please have respect for our staff. If you have a complaint about a staff member please post your concern in the appropriate forum section and we will handle it

Rules for Innocent:

· Do not Rdm
· Do not damage a player unless in self-defense, you have valid evidence, or following a KOS, see below for examples of valid evidence.

Rules for Traitor:

· Do not call a KOS regardless of circumstance, doing so will be labeled as a false KOS which is a slayable offense. This being because a Detective or Inno could have gotten Dna on you without your knowing. You can however say “Someone is trying to kill me”.
· Before you arm a c4, place a slam, use a jihad, you must warn any traitors that might be caught within the blast radius.
· Do not reveal the identity of you traitor fellow traitors, doing so will be considered ghosting which is a banable offense
· Use traitor traps with caution, as you could accidently Rdm a fellow traitor with the trap.

Rules for Detective:

· You cannot force orders on players, as Detective you have some authority but you are not all powerful. You may not force players to enter a traitor tester, pick up a dna scanner, etc.
· Do not call false KOS, same as any other role do not call false KOS and lie that you had dna. Admins can see when/if dna was collected.

Common TTT terms:

· RDM or (Random death match), killing a player for a non-valid reason.
· KOS or (Kill on sight) simply means to kill a person when you see them. A KOS can called if a person does a traitorous act (see below).
· Ghosting is when players give each other information about the roles of players that they would otherwise not have known. This is a banable offense (up to a week). However people that are suspected of Ghosting will be warned once before banned.

Traitorous Acts:

· Damaging a player in any way unless they are KOSed, this includes crowbarring.
· Throwing Incendiary grenades, even if you throw them away from people you can still be KOSed.
· Pushing a player with a crowbar next to a ledge, if you crowbar someone near a ledge it almost never is an accident so you can be KOSed.
· Shooting at or near a person
· Throwing a discombob grenade and people being hurt from it, similar to the crowbar throwing a discombob next to a ledge where people can be hurt is KOSable.

Banable Offenses:

· RDM and leave
· Ghosting
· Continued harassment of player(s)
· Continued disrespect of staff
· Suspected hacking/tampering
· Making threats against our server or the people on it, Ex. Ddos threats