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PixelPub Minecraft

Posted on June 16th, 2018 in Minecraft by Adam

PixelPub offers you two MC Servers to play on!

Vanilla Spigot 1.13


FTB - Rotating mods packs on a monthly or bi-weekly basis (depending on pack)

Server admins:

Espresso - Server creator and backend plugin support.

Rose - Server Admin

SovietJim - Server Admin



Minecraft Vanilla SpigotMc Server:

        ServerIP -

Server Info:

Our Server is backed by the latest SpigotMC server. We also offer the following mods for your      enjoyment! This server aragment allows us to keep the server clean and efficiently running. We back up our server files hourly and and also push our config changes to a safe repository for safekeeping in case of the need for disaster recovery.



We have many mods installed, below are ones that you the player will have interaction with on our servers.

  • Factions(underconstruction) - Set up zones with your team and create areas where you fight over land and resources againts other teams in a PVP setting
  • Plots(underconstruction) - Build in creative mode in your own private plots, safe from any greifing from other players
  • EssensitalsX - Provides our server with the tools to allow you fun and entertaining tools, and resources to help you play and be productive.
  • Multiverse - allows us to create worlds for various game mods and play styles, from pvp to pve and creative!
  • SkyBlock - Build a city! out of thin air, a bucket of lava and some icecubes.


  • SPAWN - Dedicated to greeting new players and as a travel hub for everyone else to get around in the server
  • PVE - a hardcore Player-vrs-Enviroment world. No PVP allowed. Here you will pit your survival wits againts hords of monsters and the very elements themselvs to carve out a home in this harsh enviroment.
  • PVP - a Player-vrs-Player war world. Here you will create factions, fight battles, build forts, or even just solo fight againts your enemies, its neighbor against neighbor in this world, with no end to the battles and wars!
  • PLOT - a quiet and peacful world for you to allow your creative juices out and build awesome and epic creative projects. destroy, erase and rebuild as you see fit!! also invite friends to help and have fun creating a masterpeice!


Minecraft FTB  Server

        ServerIP -

Current FTB ModPack Rotation: FTB Beyond-1.11.0-1.10.2 (Twitch)


Server Settings:

  • Difficulty - 2
  • PVP - OFF
  • 20 Player max
  • RandomSeed



General MineCraft Server Rules:

  • PixelPub is a family friendly enviroment and does not condone any ammount of racism, hate speech, or religious bashing. Any use of outwardly adult language on our servers will get you banned permanently.
  • Keep the politics off the server chat, this is a place to hang with friends, not have debates.
  • Any outwardly rude behavior twards other players, the staff, or other people will get you warned and if needed banned.
  • While some level of rage can be expected in a PVP world. please keep the trolling and bash talk to a minimum and if needed use on of the VoiceChannels provided in our discord for your pvp teams.
  • Any proven act of griefing in PVE or Plots will result in an imediate ban from the server


Support PixelPub!

Interested in helping pixelpub create and build servers and services for you and your friends enjoyment? While we will never force any microtransactions on our servers EVER, we do offer the ability for you to show your support of our services through PATREON!