Bloodrave120 - Co-Founder of PixelPub / Leader of Wrath Incarnate / WTN Host
"Gaming is part of my life and I love sharing my gaming experiences with people.
My favorite game IPs include: WoW, Destiny, Borderlands and Mass Effect.
I also enjoy tabletop and card games like D&D and Magic The Gathering.
I hope to see you in-game or on our community Discord Server! Happy Gaming!"
Twitter: @Bloodrave120 | PSN/XBOX/Steam: Bloodrave120 | BattleNet: Bloodrave120#1678

Espresso - Staff / Infrastructure Team
"I live for technology! I started playing with pcboards, dos/unix back in the early 90s and haven't looked back since.
My favorite IPs include RPGs like Skyrim, Fallout 3-4 and looter-shooter titles like Destiny & Borderlands.
I enjoy talking shop on servers and application technology with anyone. I am happy to always chat about new & interesting tech.
I am happily married to a wonderful woman who puts up with my shenanigans with much grace and we have 3 amazing children.
My work with pixelpub allows me create game environments for the communtiy to enjoy & create fun experiences together."
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-roffler

Aebop - WTN Host
"I’m a variety gamer from screen to table top and movie enthusiast.
I consider myself a historian for gaming lore."
Twitch/YouTube/Steam: Aebop | BattleNet: Aebop#1323 | XBL: xELITExGAMERx70 | PSN: xELITExGAMERx65

Froham - WTN Host
"I write code for money and spend free time keeping up with as much nerd content as I can.
Talk to me about comics, movies, TV shows, role playing games, legacy board games and walking simulators."
Xbox: Fro | Battle.net: Froham#1436


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