Bloodrave120 - Co-Founder of PixelPub / Leader of Wrath Incarnate / WTN Host
"Gaming is part of my life and I love sharing my gaming experiences with people.
My favorite game IPs include: WoW, Destiny, Borderlands and Mass Effect.
I also enjoy tabletop and card games like D&D and Magic The Gathering.
I hope to see you in-game or on our community Discord Server! Happy Gaming!"
Twitter: @Bloodrave120 | PSN/XBOX/Steam: Bloodrave120 | BattleNet: Bloodrave120#1678

Crispy724 - Co-Founder of PixelPub
"I'm a programmer by day and a gamer by night.
I love the more punishing indie games, and I also love magic the gathering.
Build me a game that incorporates dark souls, magic the gathering,
and rogue legacy and I'd never play anything else."
Twitter: @Crispy724

Blaze - TBMJ Guild Leader
"I started The Bad Mama Jamas with a bunch of real life friends.
What it has grown into is a form of networking that surpasses any LFG system in any game.
I play various different games because this community has allowed me to find friends no matter where I go!"
Twitch: tbmj_blaze | BattleNet: Blaze#14736 | Steam: tbmj_blaze

Aebop - WTN Host
"I am a Co-Founder of The Bad Mama Jamas gaming community.
I’m a variety gamer from screen to table top and movie enthusiast.
I consider myself a historian for gaming lore."
Twitch/YouTube/Steam: Aebop | BattleNet: Aebop#1323 | XBL: xELITExGAMERx70 | PSN: xELITExGAMERx65

Froham - WTN Host
"I write code for money and spend free time keeping up with as much nerd content as I can.
Talk to me about comics, movies, TV shows, role playing games, legacy board games and walking simulators."
Xbox: Fro | Battle.net: Froham#1436


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