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Monster Hunter: World

Posted on January 30th, 2018 in Monster Hunter World, PixelPub Community, PixelPub News, Wrath Incarnate by Bloodrave120


About Us:

We strives to provide a rewarding and fun experience on Monster Hunter World (MHW). MHW is best played with gamers that respect and help one another, this is the cornerstone of our community. When players are respectful, helpful and have a common goal, great things can be achieved. Whether that goal is to take down the latest monster, help one another hunt for upgrades or having fun in the social areas of the game. 

We are recruiting all hunters to our community! When joining the community, you will also be invited to join our Discord server. This opens opportunities to meet and play with new hunters! We also have a great team of moderators and event leaders to make your experience in MHW better.

We love MHW but we also enjoy other games and game types. We encourage our clan members not only to play MHW together, but play the games you love, meet new people and be a part of a great community of gamers.

Why Join Our Community?

This is a gaming community built around you, the player. We built our website https://www.pixelpubgaming.com to grow our community. We built our Discord server based upon user feedback and suggestions. We listen, make changes and help our members so they can enjoy social gaming at its best.

How to Join:

Join our  Discord server!
Introduce yourself in the #monster-hunter-world channel and meet other hunters!